Donating – money or goods

Asylum Link does not get any funds from the government. It is supported by a variety of trust funds and donations. It needs much more to continue functioning.


Donations are welcome or, for those who wish to be more involved, membership of ALM is an option. There are a variety of ways to make a donation:  donate by text or on-line,  download a donation form or membership form, or you could  contact us at ALM with your donation.

Remember if you donate money to ALM you can increase it by 25% which comes from the Government, if you sign a gift aid form. (You must pay tax to do this)

Donating Goods

Food and Toiletries
ALM needs donations of food and toiletries for destitute asylum seekers who receive no benefits at all and are not allowed to work. Particularly useful are:

Food: rice, pasta, tinned vegetables, tinned tomatoes, breakfast cereal, cooking oil, tea, coffee, sugar, peanut butter, long life/UHT milk, chocolate spread, tinned meats (chicken/beef), tinned fish (tuna/salmon)
Toiletries: soap, shampoo, shower gel, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine sanitary products. 

ALM needs clothes for asylum seekers who often only have they clothes they are wearing when they arrive. All sorts of clothing  are welcome but especially that suitable for young men who form the majority of our service users, eg. jeans, shoes, warm jackets.  See clothes leaflet  Leaflet2009Clothes

PLEASE NOTE: We are very grateful for donations and we still collect clothes, shoes and some household items. However Asylum Link can no longer accept: furniture, baby equipment, children’s toys, duvets or pillows unless specifically requested. We do not have space to store these items. Thank you.

If you have anything to give that you think might be useful, please remember that Asylum Link has very little storage space so please check that we can store the items, especially if they are large, before you bring them. Please also make sure that items are in good working order .

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