Asylum Links

Links to useful local and other organisations for asylum seekers


  This is the link to the Our Liverpool Programme, which supports many of the organisations Working with Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Liverpool.  


ASAP are an extremely useful organisation in their own right, but also have a services directory for different regions. Based in London they assist people at the Asylum Support Tribunal

Asylum Links

MRSN Merseyside Refugee Support Network, assist Refugees during Move On and run a local newsgroup sharing information on Asylum and Refugee Issues. They are the local contact for City of Sanctuary. Refugee Action Outreach together with the Red Cross and Asylum Link is new project to support asylum seekers  at risk or facing destitution. The Refugee Council  offers practical support to people who are seeking asylum. It works directly with refugees and asylum seekers and supporting them to rebuild their lives. Right to Remain – the toolkit is one of the most useful documents an Asylum Seeker can access, offering advice and guidance on every part of the Asylum Process. Asylum Aid for immigration advice, housing welfare and debt advice, employability training, and English language training. The Red Cross in the North West helps refugees and asylum seekers access essential services and adapt to life in a new country. Healthcare Links  in Liverpool  

Entitlements to NHS services for migrants in England

Vaccination Information on video – vaccination protects us all.