Monthly Archives: December 2016

EasyFunding for ALM

DONATE TO ALM – easyfundraisingyearroundposter1216_250 EasyFundraising makes donating easy! When  you shop the easyfundraising way with one of the 3,131 shops and sites they give  a commission for your purchase. We turn that into a donation and give it to your good cause. Easy!

Use this link to sign up to EasyFundraising and the retailer will automatically make a donation to ALM when you buy anything on-line through the EasyFunding site.

You will need to set up an account – it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Thre are many other ways to donate to ALM. Just  check our Donations Page

Chritmas party pictures

Pictures from the party held at Asylum Link. Asylum Link organises social activities for Christmas, Eid, Refugee week and on several other occasions.